Skill training


Do you really OWN your bike or do you just sit on it? Learn to be able to control your bike and improve the fun! Learn from the basics and give your skills a boost! It’s not only more fun, it will make you a better rider. Our goal is to make you a better rider! We end the training with a nice cup of coffee or tea, and do a review on the training by watching foto & film taken during the training. 

  • Climbing situations
  • Break control
  • Downhill situations
  • Turns, U turns, switchbacks
  • Material
  • Choice of tires
  • How to fine tune the bike
  • Obstacles 
Sunday 11-02-2018 Level 1 Skill Training 08.30 Johanna’s Hof   finish ca 12.00  €60,- p.p.
Sunday 04-03-2018 Level 2 Skill Training 08.30 Johanna’s Hof   finish  ca 12.00 €60,- p.p.
Both training €110,- p.p.     Min 4 and Max of 6 participants

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